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Guayadeque ravine, natural monument.
An enormous ravine in Gran Canaria that extends from the very centre of the rounded island to the sea, where nature has created a botanic laboratory where hundreds of species cover the ravine from its bottom up to the highest peaks, many of which are endemic of our island amongst other peculiar Macaronesian flora.
This spectacular vegetable layer has created a natural scenery of a high botanic and landscape value. Distinguished as a Natural Monument it is within the network of Natural Protected Areas which guarantees the survival of this beautiful place.
In this peculiar volcanic geology of the ravine and its steep slopes there are numerous caves that have given shelter to many people and animals since prehistoric times, becoming the place where most prehistoric culture remainders have been found, most of which are kept in the Canarian Museum where we can observe them.
A road that runs through the bed of the ravine making it accessible to vehicles from the municipalities of Ingenio and Agüimes and it goes in deep for several kilometres. There are tracks, used historically as important paths of communication between municipalities, that allow to walk through most of the extension of Guayadeque, enjoying through its journey of the spectacle nature has to offer, changing landscapes through different floral seasons.
This spectacular surrounding takes in our Restaurant that feels like the ideal place to rest and recover strength after the pleasant experience of the visit and to enjoy of this extraordinary area of beauty.
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